Diamond Nets Incorporated is a full service net manufacturing facility located in Washington State

Company Info

Diamond Nets Inc.

1064 Pole Road
Everson, WA   98247 United States

Company History

In 1972 a gentleman by the name of Alfred Krueger decided to start his own business making high quality knotted netting products for the commercial fishing industry in Puget Sound and Alaska. To help finance the project, Alfred solicited the aid of a man by the name Ed Powers. Ed had already used some land on his berry farm to start a small successful braiding business under the name Powers Twines, Inc. Together, they founded Northwest Net & Twine, Inc.

The companies prospered and later, along with Ed's oldest son Larry, the partners formed yet another company they called Everson Cordage Works. The focus of the third company was high quality twisted twine and rope to compliment and supply their other two businesses.For many years the companies thrived, introducing dozens of local people to the traditions and techniques of modern net making. Among them, two young people showed special interest in the craft: Les Powers, Ed's youngest son who had grown up around his father's braiding business, and John Neal, who since the age of 20 had worked at the netting factory and earned his way up to managing production and sales.

Eventually Mr. Krueger retired from the industry, having devoted 21 years to building his business and reputation. He sold his holdings in the net plant to his partner, and a few years later, Ed retired as well, selling both Powers Twines and Northwest Net to a corporate partnership that merged the two companies under the name American Coastal Ties Marine, Inc. Sadly, the new ownership did not fare well and was forced to sell all of the equipment to an auction company or face bankruptcy. While much of the equipment from the braiding facility was sold off, the net manufacturing facility remained intact. Les and John, still actively working in the cordage industry, decided to purchase the netting plant and revive it under the name Diamond Nets, Inc. in 1997.

Diamond Nets Inc. 1064 Pole Road Everson, WA 98247 888-323-9306