Diamond Nets Incorporated is a full service net manufacturing facility located in Washington State

Safety Netting

3 Layer NetDiamond Nets is the largest safety netting manufacturing company in North America, we produce over 25 million square feet of safety netting a year. As the exclusive manufacturer of the Sky-Web II® System we have shipped over 165 million square feet of fall protection to job sites all over the world. Besides our patented Sky-Web II® System we produce hundreds of thousands of square feet of fall protection netting designed to pass ANSI A10.11 and A10.37 standards. In addition we build many types of netting for use in rack guarding and conveyor applications. Other applications include vertical debris barriers, liner materials, safety rail netting, containment netting and more. All our netting is made from DuPont® 66 nylon, so you know it's of superior quality.

Diamond Nets also manufactures Spectra® netting to protect spectators behind home plate at major league baseball stadiums and NHL approved Kevlar® Arena netting to protect fans from pucks that make it over the glass.

If your application requires something stronger, we can build you netting from rope up to 3" in diameter, or from Plasma braid for application such as vehicle barriers.

All these nets are available in a variety of colors and finishes. We can make your netting look like natural fiber for zoo or animal sanctuary applications to give a blended in look without sacrificing quality. For indoor applications we have fire retardant finishes which pass the NFPA 701 test for surface burning propagation of textiles and films.

Contact us for a qualified distributor near you, we'll make sure you have the finest quality safety nets available.

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