Diamond Nets Incorporated is a full service net manufacturing facility located in Washington State

Sports Netting

3 Layer NetDiamond Nets produces over 160,000 lbs of sports related netting a year. That's an average of 8.4 million square feet! We build netting for the baseball, golf, barrier, and other sports related uses. We can supply knotted netting for batting cages, pitching screens, backstops, crowd protection and more.

If your business is golf, contact us for material used in hitting cages or check out our Warrantee Driving Range Netting. We offer limited five year, seven year and ten year warrantees on selected netting products designed and tested specifically for driving range applications.

All our sports application netting is made from DuPont 66 nylon, regarded as the best available. It has superior strength, abrasion resistance, and UV resistance even before we enhance these qualities with our variety of dyed and coatings such as Diamond Shield™ bonding which adds an extra layer of UV and abrasion resistance to your cage or panel.

For a distributor of high quality sports netting products near you, contact us or click on the links below for finished cages, screens, driving ranges or barriers:

  • NETServices                                                                         dnunn@netservices.com 
  • Netting Professionals                                                         eli@nettingpros.com
  • LFS Sports & Specialty Nets                                               dudley@lfsinc.com
  • Redden Nets                                                                 ronc@reddenmarine.com                                                       Redden Nets                                             
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