Our Location

Diamond Nets, LLC is located in the northwest corner of Washington State. Along with several other cordage manufacturers, the factory was born from the commercial fishing boom, which dominated Washington State’s exports along with Timber and some Agriculture. The factory sites in a rural setting, surrounded by fields and shadowed only by Mount Baker and the Cascades to the east.

Our Buildings

Main Building

Inside the 33,600 square foot complex, the manufacturing process is divided up into five sections. The largest and main area of the plant is set up for our net looms. Then in all, they enable us to build knotted netting from twine 1/32″ in diameter up to 3/8″ rope. Braided or twisted fibers, single strand or double strand; our diverse manufacturing capability allows us to produce debris nets capable of catching automobiles at the same time as we are manufacturing wispy thin web suitable for catching butterflies.

Finishing Room

Beyond the manufacturing area is the finishing room where netting can be processed to your specifications. During the shrinking process to lock the knots tight, you may also choose from a variety of dye colors. Fibers that do not accept nylon textile dyes such as polyester and UHMWPE can be colored using urethane bonding as a carrier for pigments. In addition to bondings that add body the netting, coatings such as asphalt, fire retardant and anti-foulants are available. Finishes are available in as heavy or light of consistency as required for your needs. Knots can also be pulled tight mechanically with up to 50 tons of pressure. All nets are dried with forced air heat up to 200 degrees after finishing to ensure a well set and moisture free product arrives at your dock.

Value Added Area

Next to the main building is our finished net area. Here we can provide our customers with a value added service of completed product if they choose. We can supply rope borders and hardware to your nets if desired. Netting can also be cut on to the square and cargo style nets can be hand spliced together from rope if needed. All finished products can be treated with the same variety of finishes as our bulk netting products.

Machine Shop

Our machine shop provides us with custom hardware built for attaching nets to various structures. Hardware components for the Sky-Web II System © are built here. The mills, punches and presses used to fabricate net machine parts here are also available to our customers for custom net hardware manufacturing.

Packaging and Shipping

After completing all processing and finishing procedures, our shipping department carefully folds and packages your product. Whether being boxed or strapped into bales, our nets are mechanically pressed to minimize movement during shipment. Packages are clearly marked to avoid any confusion between pieces. Pallets are shrink-wrapped and/or strapped to avoid lost goods during transport. From our warehouse, orders are organized and freight companies coordinated to give you the best value in freight prices. Multiple loading docks provide for any type of freight tractor/trailer combinations.

From the order desk to the time your netting arrives, we are careful to watch the details that make for a high quality service as well as product. Contact us and see the difference.