Sky Web II®

What is Sky-Web II®?

The Sky Web II® Fall Protection and Insulation Support System consists of a lightweight knotted mesh manufactured from DuPont™ nylon. The diamond nylon mesh is attached to the roof using provided perimeter hardware. Once installed, it provides leading edge protection that allows workers to move freely without being tied off. Once the installation is complete the netting remains as a part of the building’s roof system, providing an attractive finished appearance that can be matched to the color of the facing on fiberglass insulation.

Passive vs. Active Fall Protection

The netting system acts as a passive restraint system that does not rely on workers to take positive action to obtain fall protection. The concept is comparable to automobile air bags (passive restraint) versus seat belts (user active restraint).

Protection Above and Below

Sky Web II® offers protection to workers on the roof above, and it also offers protection to workers below against large falling objects such as roof panels.

Improved Productivity

The Sky Web II® System helps increase productivity during the roofing process. The system eliminates the time that would otherwise be required for workers to untangle and tie-off lanyards, rig and unrig life lines, etc.

Injury Reduction

Tie off systems can cause a severe jolt when the lanyard stops a worker’s fall. A worker can only fall a short distance before being caught by the mesh. As with any system injuries resulting from falls onto structural members cannot be protected against.

OSHA Compliant

Once installed over structural members of the roof Sky Web II® acts as fall protection that is 1926.502 Subpart M OSHA compliant. Builders who use Sky Web II® on every project may be eligible for extra premium credits, which can reduce costs for builders in selected insurance programs.

Fire Hazzard Classification

The Sky Web II® system has a flame spread index of zero and a smoke development index of 3.0 or less as tested in accordance with the U.L. 723 flame tunnel test.

Custom Manufactured to Your Needs

The Sky Web II® system is custom manufactured to the building so there is no wasted material and you only pay for what you need. Panels are available in widths up to 65′. Panels are stretched eave to eave and may cover one or two bays of the building length.


Sky-web is designed for easy efficient installation. One piece will go from eave to eave, or up to stepped roof condition and will stop at the center line of a rigid frame up to 66 feet. A V-Strap is installed on the perimeter of the building, with self drilling screws every 38 inches. The V-Strap will have 6 slots for wire rings, with 4 of these being pre-installed for convenience. The netting component is attached to these rings every 7.5 inches. The other two rings are field installed where one V-Strap overlaps the other. All materials required for erection of the system are shipped together from our location. An installation sled can be purchased with the system to ease installation for large bay buildings. Wall panels can be installed prior to the installation of the Sky Web II® System.

If you are interested in becoming a Sky Web II® Distributor, please contact Mackenzie Younger at BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc. (816) 968-3735.


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