It is an industrial grade nylon known for high strength and consistent shrink when stabilized. It is primarily manufactured for use in making airbags for the automobile industry. DNI uses it exclusively in their nylon netting to manufacture a superior product to other types of nylon.

All netting starts out as diamond mesh because of the nature of the machinery it’s made on. Squared mesh is created by cutting diagonally across the width of the diamond mesh to re-orient the bars of the meshes to run up and down instead of diagonally. DNI sells netting loomed on the diamond and cut on the square.

Here is a helpful video to help illustrate some of these differences:

DNI is a wholesale manufacturer, so a minimum order for loomed netting starts between 300-500 lbs depending on the type netting needed. We do stock some types of netting and these can be purchased in smaller quantities or cut panels for our distributors.

The application of tar to netting started many generations ago prior to the invention of modern synthetics. It was a way to protect natural fibers from the effects of rodents, insects, and decomposition. It also added some “body” or stiffness to the netting which made them fish better. Today, it is still used in some types of fishing nets and other nets which have a high exposure to UV. It is an excellent UV blocking agent and repels moisture which makes it a very good coating for applications like driving range netting.