Running Gear Entanglement System®

Diamond Nets manufactures the Running Gear Entanglement System for allied law enforcement & military agencies around the world. This engineered system is designed for safely stopping various sized propeller driven craft under way. It has been proven effective and can be purchased through Rescue Solutions International.

The Running Gear Entanglement system (RGES) is for use as a non-lethal, static or launch able barrier system capable of stopping a planning vessel in a manor that will cause it to lose the ability to continue under way movement. There are different versions of RGES to suite different applications from lightweight shoulder launched to stop go fast boats on the move to hand launched versions that will stop a displacement hull ship. RGES is an exciting new technology that can be used in the battle against terror, smuggling, drug running, piracy, and port security.

RGES is made from Spectra® fiber manufactured by Honeywell, then braided by the Cortland Company. This ultra high strength fiber and the unique assembly configuration is the key to RGES stopping power.

Heavy RGES is designed as a static barrier which can be used for long or short term use to protect shorelines, harbors, or ships. It has been exhaustedly tested and is current use by the U.S. Coast Guard as well as it’s counterparts in the UK and Australia.

Each unit comes packed in a standard 30 meter lengths for easy, tangle free deployment. RGES units can be linked to what ever the desired overall length needs to be. They are Hi-Visibility yellow color and fitted with floats to tell boats stay away!

For more information about RGES please contact Rescue Solutions International at 1-800-709-5018 or